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Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

  • Improved insulating properties compared to wood doors.
  • Corrosion free, as well as being resistant to warping, splitting, cracking and bowing.
  • Real wood like finishes.
  • Can be customized for sizes and colour selection.

Fiberglass doors can prove to be superior to traditional wood, while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the classic wood finishes which always remain in style. In fact, doors made from fiberglass  is known for fooling almost anyone into thinking the homeowner has acquired a hefty priced, lumber-wood door, of supreme quality! Be it fancy as it may, wood poses many problems in being used as an entrance door, which can prove to be difficult, time consuming and costly to maintain. For example, a wooden door may deteriorate over time due to expanding and contracting with the passing of seasons.Wood can also chip, rot, scratch, get infested with termites as well as remain a fire hazard.

Therma-tru technology grants manufacturers like us the ability to replicate solid organic wood to such a degree of precision that your fiberglass door can convince everyone that it’s natural wood.

Euro Choice Handles

During the years of experience we have found out the most popular handle styles for fiberglass doors and are offering more than 20 unique styles, ready for installation. In addition, we may install the handle of your choice.

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