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What is the best season for a Window Replacement?

If a window replacement is on your to-do list, you might be wondering, when is the best time of year to replace my windows? 

An experienced window and door company typically will complete one window at a time, each taking around 30 minutes (in most cases). This means there will only be one small section exposing your home to the elements at a time! MEANING, that you can actually install windows during any season.

That being said, before deciding when to book your installation or replacement, you should consider the unique benefits of installing windows during each of the four seasons to help you decide the best time of year for you and your family. Once you decide, you’ll want to contact us here at Euro Choice Windows & Doors for your free quote!

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of a window replacement during each season! 


The difficult factor of booking a window replacement in the winter is that it really depends on the weather for the particular day. So you must be prepared to reschedule if the weather is too cold or wet. Cold, wet weather presents unique challenges such as caulking not setting well, making it difficult to accomplish the tightest seal.

The biggest benefit of having your windows replaced in the winter is that it’s the slow season for the industry. So, you may be able to find discounted rates and schedule the installation date sooner rather than later since the demand is rather low. 


If you didn’t feel completely comfortable booking your installation in the winter, you may be thinking spring is a better option. Once spring arrives, you’ll likely have plenty of warm days to book your installation date.

Keep in mind though that demand increases as the weather warms up. It would be in your best interest to schedule your installation a few weeks or more in advance to accommodate your chosen company’s busy schedule, and to ensure you get your desired date. Definitely plan ahead if you have a deadline in mind.


If you passed on a winter booking and missed out on spring, you may be looking to book in the summer. Summer is the second-busiest season for window replacements. The summer heat and humidity can present some of its own interesting challenges. So ensure that you book a company (like Euro Choice Windows and Doors) with years of experience and the know-how to ensure the job goes as planned whatever the temperature.

We all know summer is a big season for bugs, so if you choose to have your windows installed in this season, be aware of the pests that could enter your home during the process. Be sure to keep your fly swatter handy for a couple of days!


Fall is the end of the busy season for window and door companies, so it could be a great time to take advantage of more flexible installation dates if you didn’t find time during the busy spring and summer months.

Fall is also when homeowners usually like to start preparing their homes for cooler weather. Fall is the season when leaky windows become more noticeable because cold drafts are easy to feel, and you’ll certainly notice the spike in your heating bills. This means you’ll appreciate your new windows from day one with a lower risk of inclement weather and knowing you’re prepared for the cold months ahead.

The good news is that no matter what time of year you decide to replace your windows, a reputable and experienced company will be able to complete the job. The ultimate goal no matter the season is to install new windows with adequate durability, efficiency, and value. Euro Choice Windows & Doors can help you find the best products for your needs and are experienced in completing installations and replacements all year round! To get in contact with us or to book your free quote click HERE.

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